Photograph of Madonna KingMadonna King is an award-winning journalist, author and leader of public debate. She has written in depth about politics, education, health, crime and business and has moderated hundreds of panels across Australia

She has built expertise on the issues confronting teenage girls, based on the research for her two best-selling books, Being 14 and Fathers and Daughters and Ten-ager, which will be released nationally January. Her knowledge is sought by governments and corporations wanting the better understand this influential, but vulnerable, part of the population.

Her other books have included biographies of Australia’s leading medical scientist, Professor Ian Frazer, and former Treasurer, Joe Hockey.

Her skill is to research and ask the right questions, listen carefully to the answers and help audiences understand what they need. She does this for schools, universities, sporting organisations and professional groups as diverse as the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Local Government Association of Queensland.

This is founded on more than three decades in journalism, including six years as the voice of radio current affairs in Queensland as the host of the ABC Mornings program.

She has written a weekly column for Fairfax Media for the past six years. Previously she wrote a weekly column for The Courier-Mail. Madonna was asked to draw on her varied skills to guide government policy on cyberbullying through her work as the Chair of the Queensland Anti-Cyber Bullying Taskforce in 2018.

She conducts podcasts that help professional development of teachers and has worked with several universities on a range of programs that need a moderator who can cut through complex debates.

She has regularly appeared on television, – on breakfast programs, the Drum and Q & A, and spent many years in the Canberra press gallery reporting and interpreting politics. With her more than 25 years’ experience across newspapers, radio and television, Madonna is a sought-after facilitator, Master of Ceremonies and speaker. Thinking on her feet in an interview with the prime minister, calming the anger of a talkback caller or interviewing leading CEOs are skills she has used to advantage in traveling around Australia moderating hypotheticals or facilitating conferences on topics as varied as leadership, education, politics, business, resources, the law, tourism and the environment.

She has been an in-demand speaker for school communities, particularly focused on the challenges faced by teen girls.

A fellow of the prestigious World Press Institute, Madonna has served as a visiting fellow at the Queensland University of Technology, and on the Walkley Advisory Board for Journalism. She has completed a Diploma in Company Directorships, through the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is currently on two university-based  boards.