Being 14

Being 14 gives a voice to every teen girl in Australia. Madonna King has interviewed 200 14-year-old girls across the country, talked to successful school principals, psychologists, CEOs, police, guidance and neuroscientists to reveal the social, psychological and physical challenges every 14-year-old girl is facing today.

- How much independence do they need?
- What is the power of a friendship group?
- How do you help build self-confidence?
- Why the obsession with selfies, social media and FOMO?
- How are parents unknowingly making life so much harder for them?

Overwhelmingly, these young girls – on the brink of womanhood – struggle to tell their parents how they feel. That’s why Being 14 gives you the answers you are looking for. It’s your daughter, talking to you. And her hope, beyond anything, is that you will listen.