That Thinking Feeling

Why can’t we say the words ‘heart attack’?

We need to say the words before we can address the problem. Heart. Attack.

Why don’t we listen more to those who teach our kids?

We should stop silencing the voice of those who spends hours each day with our children

Is it time to shut the gate into Queensland?

Is it time Queensland protected its own residents?

Newspapers roll off the presses

Tabloid journalism should be cheeky, but also fair

Tabloid journalism can be entertaining. But it needs to be true. And fair.

Deb Frecklington, take from her Facebook page

Backroom bullies lose out

Deb Frecklington took on the backroom bullies, and won.

30,000 people rally in the heart of Brisbane

30,000 Protest. 30,000 Risks.

Frankie and Loris Puglia were so much more than two murder victims.

Frank Puglia, as drummer in Highly Strung.

Two Bodies. The Real Story

Frankie and Loris Puglia were so much more than two murder victims.

Jackie Trad

Lessons in Leadership

Jackie Trad and Steven Miles both gave lessons in leadership this week.

Back of a young girls head


The horrors of COVID19, from the deaths of loved ones to long-term challenging unemployment figures, shouldn’t be glossed over; but nor should those pieces of silver that continue to shine through the daily storm clouds.

Grandmother and her granddaughter

What Will Your Children Tell Their Grandchildren about COVID-19?

The horrors of COVID19, from the deaths of loved ones to long-term challenging unemployment figures, shouldn’t be glossed over; but nor should those pieces of silver that continue to shine through the daily storm clouds.

Complicated Math Equation

Home Schooling: Week One

I left that temporary classroom, and took the bottle of sauvignon blanc with me. It really was a bad look, for it to be sitting there each day.

Banner image of stethescope for Madonna King Column on Thursday 16 April 2020

Dear Bupa,

Dear Bupa, I’m thinking we might need to break up; I just can’t afford your expensive taste for much longer.

To Sir With Love

To Sir, With Love

Let’s hope the silver lining here is that we learn, as a community, to value so much more the role of a teacher.

Cartoon of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders facing off

An Age-Old Lesson From America

Just imagine if we learnt one thing from America: how to value age.

Police Ribbon stating

Making Sense of the Senseless

That doesn’t happen here, in Camp Hill. Not in our suburb. A car doesn’t explode in flames. Children don’t die. We look out for each other. It’s our home.

Madonna King's wedding and engagement ring

How to Search for a Lost Diamond on a Long-haul Flight with 400 Other Passengers

And then, washing my hands, I noticed it was gone. A hole where the diamond sat. A big gaping hole.

Four teenagers looking at the sunset

Why I’m Thinking of Jack Beasley this Christmas

A few minutes – and a lifetime of heartache for dozens, perhaps hundreds.

Older man running and smiling

Age Has Reached its Use-by Date

What would happen if, at our next doctor’s visit, birth dates were scrapped from our medical records? Would we be treated differently?

The question was posed by an expert on ageing and ageism, Ashton Applewhite, this week – but she had the answer handy. Almost definitely.

Man in suit talking on the radio

Alan Jones’ Resignation Letter

Many people have suggested Alan Jones resign over his latest controversy. Here, Madonna King offers up a draft.

Cartoon of women ignoring questions

Politicians who stay silent

Every politician will try to skew their message to get the best possible reaction.

Image of the devastation left by the bushfires in Australia

Fiery Matthew Cuts Off Our Phone Call

Senior Sunshine Coast firefighter Matthew Foster is adamant the story of this week’s bushfires is not about the men and women, like him, who leave their families, night and day, to fight them.

A girl and boy going to a highschool formal

School Formals and How They’ve Changed

Schools are now playing a more powerful role in the equality debate than ever before.

Cartoon of Scott Morrison

Morrison and Shorten Sound Like My Ex-Boyfriend

What the major parties don’t understand is that voters are onto them. They know, from experience, that many of the promises will amount to no more than sweet nothings.

A Doctor

The Impact of a GP, Who Died Far Too Young

All lives are equal and Peter Dunne wasn’t special because he was a medico. It was because he touched so, so many lives.

Teenagers at a party

Queensland Police Don’t Dig ABBA

The police involved needed to add common sense to the battery of weapons they now carry on their belts.

Australian Bank Logos

Don’t Wait for the Banks to Apologise

Andrew Thorburn and his merry band of banker mates couldn’t even bring themselves to utter the words “I’m sorry” this week.

Elderly women holding a cup of tea

Days After I Laid My Mum to Rest, The Little Stories Keep Coming

In the case of those in care, it is the same little things that make all the difference – and are routinely dismissed in any discussion about aged care, where money is too frequently the cog that turns the wheel.

Paramedic vehicles

A Simple Act of Kindness

Our ambulance workers need our thanks. And those entrusted with modernising and refocusing our education policy need to take a trip with them.

Outback Australia's draught affected landscape

The Children Who have Never Seen Rain

In parts of NSW and Queensland, this is the worst drought in living memory. That’s a fact, but it doesn’t portray the story behind it.

Father and son in field

How a Father Fought Back After His Daughter was Raped

It is proof life can turn on a dime. And he remembers the moment it happened.

Mother and Child in sunset

Sometimes I Think of Leaving A Note for My Husband In Case I Die

On Wednesday, I thought about starting that list again, just after reading the High Court judgement which showed Gerard Baden-Clay to be a lying, murderous cheat.

A cartoon of an investigator

If I Went Missing I’d Want My Husband to Search for Me Until He Fell Over with Exhaustion

WHY didn’t Gerard Baden-Clay help in the police search for his wife?