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Backroom bullies lose out

David Crisafulli would make an excellent LNP leader. He is articulate, youthful, and hard-working, like his leader Deb Frecklington.

But the idea that a coup could be brought on, by a bunch of blokes at a time polling showed the party was on track to steal victory from the government in October is preposterous. And that has to raise questions about David Crisafulli too.

Preposterous is the gentlest adjective I can think of; it was also an attempt to bully LNP leader Deb Frecklington, and a blatant sexist play by backroom boys who cower behind the organisation’s locked doors, knowing that they never have to face voters.

It was ill-conceived, ill-considered, and risks damaging the LNP’s genuine chances of victory at the State poll.

And if it does damage the LNP’s vote, the blame needs to directed straight back to LNP President Dave Hutchinson (yes, he’s one Clive Palmer’s payroll), and his merry band of political wreckers.

Campbell Newman has denied he’s involved. He says his role is just as a political commentator now, and it was senior people in the party, and donors and voters who didn’t think the LNP could win.

This from the LNP leader who led his party to its biggest polling embarrassment in history. Imagine if a former conservative premier had said that about his chances, four months before an election!

We shouldn’t shy away from the female issue here either. Those who brief against the current leader always talks about her being “whiney’’ or “shrill’’. Yes, both words are older than those who used them, but they are also words unlikely to ever be directed at a male leader.

David Crisafulli shouldn’t get away scot-free either, despite the innocent ‘I-just-want-Deb-to-win’ plea he’s chanting at every television camera in sight.

He could have stopped this earlier. He could have come out last week, and given his leader support and by not doing that, he’s added to any damage the party suffers, and indeed his own chances to lead it down the track. It raises questions about his ability as a political strategist.

Shortly before this Famous Five plot, polling showed the LNP on track to win the election in October.

Deb Frecklington shouldn’t stop with demanding a loyalty ultimatum from those who wanted to send her back to the parliamentary kitchen; she should hold them account until they prove it.

Except Dave Hutchinson. He shouldn’t get to prove it, after this.  Who is he? Who voted for him? And more importantly, why would you want someone who showed so little political nous in charge of an election campaign?

Annastacia Palaszczuk can’t claim any big political boost out of all of this, either. A regular accusation sent her way is that she and Labor are routinely manipulated by its backroom unions.

But at least, in Deb Frecklington’s case, she’s prevailed.

Photograph of Madonna King

Madonna King is a leading journalist and commentator. An award-winning presenter of 612 ABC Brisbane, she has authored 12 books and now works across radio, television and online.

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