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IF 30 children can sit in a classroom from Monday, why can’t any teens go to the cinema? Or ice-skating? Or play a cricket match?

At what age does a child/teenager/young adult become more vulnerable to Covid19?

Is a 17-year-old a child? What about an 18-year old?

On Monday, I’ll wave off a year 11 student, back into the classroom. It will be with mixed feelings, while I can’t provide an answer to the questions that keep popping up with Covid19.


Why is it okay for 30 footballers to run into each other but not more than 10 people to go to a funeral?

Why must teachers go to school en masse while judges can conduct hearings by video?

How can social distancing be not required inside a confined classroom, but vital the moment students step outside?

Why are schools throwing open their doors from next week when universities remain firmly closed? 

Why is it okay to swim at a beach but not in a chemically treated public swimming pool?

Why have some public parks closed their toilets but others haven’t? Is this because of a shortage of cleaners or to discourage people from using parklands – even though that is now permitted?

What makes it okay to return to school in Queensland, but not in Victoria?

What does the medical evidence really say about children’s ability to carry the virus, and pass it on to others? What’s the source for that?

Where is the medical evidence that positively, beyond argument, shows children are relatively unaffected by Covid19?

What is this new strain of the virus, affecting children, reported overseas? Are we investigating different strains here in Australia?

Is it legal in Australia to stop tourism trade across borders (even if the destination is within 50 km of home?

What is the safe number of people to have in an elevator?

If one school has a positive case, it closes down. What if that child’s sibling goes to another school. Is it forced to close too?

How is it that this Friday our children are being urged to stay away from school, and yet on Monday, they will NOT be taught unless they go to school.

In truth, nothing changes from this Friday until next Monday. There is no vaccine. No change in the medical evidence. Just a determination to take back our lives.

That’s good, in theory. But it leaves open the suggestion we have been only acting on medical advice, and have now flipped sides. Now, we’re acting purely on economic grounds.

Either way, we need to find answers to the 100 anomalies that are colouring all of our decisions, around Covid19.

Our leaders have done a good job getting us to this point. But we’ve got there on trust. Surely they can trust us with answers to the questions that won’t go away.

Photograph of Madonna King

Madonna King is a leading journalist and commentator. An award-winning presenter of 612 ABC Brisbane, she has authored 12 books and now works across radio, television and online.

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