Q&A with Booktopia & Interview with Channel 7

Q&A with Booktopia & Interview with Channel 7

Booktopia Q&A Madonna’s book, Ten-Ager, provides insight into the lives of our 10-year-old daughters and nieces and grandchildren. Why do they find friendship so hard? Why is there a need, beyond anything, to fit in with others? Should they be allowed social media? And is…

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The Silver Lining in COVID-19

The challenges for our daughters in the response to COVID-19, and their inability to access the hugs and camaraderie of their friends at school, cannot be underestimated.

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School Rituals Out The Window

For our senior students, navigating that tricky last year of schooling, many of those have now been stolen from them.

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Children Need Emotion Not Emojis

A smile, in person, will beat an emoji any time. So will a hug. And a simple: “Are you OK?”

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U2 Were Rejected Until They Found What They Were Looking For

As school leavers walk out of the school gates, let’s give them the definition of success by telling them about those who were rejected, years before they filled stadiums, statute books, medical history and library shelves.

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How Dads Influence Their Teenage Daughters’ Romantic Happiness

This father of two teen girls — aged 14 and 19 — is in a bind: his elder daughter is dating a boy he doesn’t like. Not because he supports the wrong football team. Or because he doesn’t really fit in. It’s because of the way he talks to his daughter.

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The Three Secrets to a Good Father-Daughter Bond

Strong father-daughter relationships don’t require these three themes to succeed, but my research has shown how they can act as connectors.

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Dad, are you listening?

The message delivered by our girls should signal a warning to us all.

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Tell Your Teens How You Used to Take a Photograph

Schools are helping our teen girls navigate this anxiety by offering yoga and meditation and lessons in mindfulness. But the disease of instant gratification starts being cured at home, where hard work, failing and then succeeding and setting goals are talked about and role-modelled.

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On Dads and Daughters

“I think you should remind all the fathers that, despite all the groaning and carrying on that happens when it comes to dads (especially with dad jokes and embarrassing dad comments), they are so incredibly important in their daughters’ lives,” she says. “They should never underestimate the influence they have.”

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Being 14: The Rollercoaster Ride of Being a Teenage Girl

Rebecca Levingston interviews Madonna King on ABC radio, about her latest book titled Being 14, helping fierce teens become awesome women.

Being 14

Sleepless and 14

Today, school is only part of a hectic teen’s day, and for many 14-year-old girls, the day can reach far into the night.

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Being 14 -Part 1

Madonna King on researching her book Being 14.

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Being 14 – Part 2

Madonna King and her tips on parenting.

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Being 14 – Part 3

Madonna King talks about her book Being 14 and who it will help.

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Being 14 – Part 4

Madonna King talks about the issues facing adolescents today.

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Being 14 – Part 5

Madonna king discusses the inspiration behind her book Being 14.