This series of podcasts is aimed at teachers: valuing them, and offering them advice from experts in education. What makes a good classroom leader? What is the best way to engage students? How can nature be brought into the classroom? How would a social media network help prepare lessons? I sat down with experts in education from the Queensland University of Technology to address those issues that impact the lives of those who are passionate about teaching.

Pick a topic, and have a listen to Teacher Podclass.

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True Crime:
Interested in the Bali 9? How they got there, and why were they tempted? Take a listen.

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Ageing Podcast:
Are you ageing well? And what does that even mean? Ageing podcast with US guru Ashton Applewhite. What a pleasure! @thischairrocks @EveryAGECounts @Griffith_Uni #EndAgeism #integrity20

How can we expect our daughters to navigate COVID19? And what can we expect from their schooling? I sat down with five Australian experts to look at how schools responding to COVID19. Enjoy.